Workshops and seminars

startup-pr-workshop-square1. PR for startups

PR for startups.
You’re changing the world. Now tell the world.

You’re ready to start telling the world about your startup. And you need PR to shout things from the rooftops.

Or do you?

Find out if you are public relations ready, learn about the state of the media, think about how you tell your story for different audiences and figure out how to maximise PR for your startup.

You’ll leave having refined your elevator pitch for media, plus have a few great ideas for announcements and thought leadership.

Vanessa Clark and Victoria Soroczynski have supported local and international startups with media activities here and abroad. This workshop is based on what they have learnt works for startups, and what doesn’t.

When: Thursday, 17 November 2016, 4.30 to 6.30 pm (Workshop starts at 5.00 pm sharp)
Where: The Learning Lab, MTN Solution Space, UCT Graduate School of Business (map:
How: Sign up on Quicket.

2. Media training

Coming soon. Email me for details.