Ananse Media

What’s in a name?

Ananse (or, Anansi as he is also known) is the West African god of story-telling. He is also the archetype trickster god for mythologies around the world. And he was transplanted by story-telling as people, often forced into slavery, travelled from Africa.

While Ananse, and all trickster gods, are often seen as a negative influence, the outcome of Ananse’s high jinks are often positive. And the concept of story-telling appeals to me and applies even more today in our world of information overload. If you are a media owner, brand or company, captivating your audience with a compelling story is key to cutting through the clutter and building your community.

Twokats Communications

From 1 February 2014, Twokats Communications was retired as my freelancing brand. It has worked hard for almost six years, but the time had come to reflect my shift in focus to writing and editing.