Could common ‘fake news’ be traditional media’s canary in the coal mine?

When referring to “fake news”, there is a strong argument for stopping using the label “news” at all given the implied endorsement the word gives the content. However, instead of closing ranks and distancing themselves from the phenomenon, traditional media could interrogate the content of common or garden “fake news” to find out why it so often appeals to readers.

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies: gungho or hell no?

Luno, the digital currency company with offices in Cape Town, had just announced a US$9-million Series B funding round, and its plans to expand to several new European markets, taking its Bitcoin wallet to 40 countries in total.

It seemed like cryptocurrency and blockchain interest might be finally tipping from a fairly geeky quadrant of the internet to something a bit more mainstream.

Until in walked Gartner with a hefty, and probably justified, dose of realism around blockchain during its Symposium/ITxpo last week.

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Property Professional: Shaking up the digital property pie

It is easy to dismiss low-commission, online estate agencies as corner cutters with unsustainable business models. They are alright for some, but surely the discerning property seller will pay for excellent service and the novice realises it would be foolish to go it alone when negotiating possibly the biggest deal of their lives? That dismissive view would be a mistake.

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